When asked what foods help repair joints, a person with arthritis or osteoarthritis should look for oily fish, legumes, olive oil, oranges, cherries, pomegranates, dairy products, green tea, whole grains, brown rice, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and garlic. Remember, these tips are not a substitute for going to the doctor. We do not treat, ask your doctor for treatment, we only provide information.

Oily fish
жирная рыба
Oily fish contain healthy acids, especially omega-3. Therefore, regular consumption of trout, tuna, herring, mackerel and salmon is recommended to restore joints and improve cartilage health.


In order to restore normal joint function, inflammation must be eliminated. This is often the cause of collagen damage and subsequent cartilage breakdown. Legumes have excellent anti-inflammatory properties. They contain proteins that restore collagen. Thanks to this preparation, cartilage tissue is restored. In addition, legumes contain amino acids that stimulate cartilage regeneration. Legumes include beans, peanuts, and peas.

Olive oil
оливковое масло
When wondering what to eat for joint recovery, you should also consider the wonderful properties of olive oil. It contains beneficial fatty acids that inhibit the inflammation that occurs in the joints. This can prevent the development of osteoarthritis and arthritis. In addition to olive oil, avocado and walnut oils are also recommended.